SLOVAKIA traveling in the cheap (Homework from ENG)

As I have came from small but really nice country in the middle of Europe which name is Slovakia, I will introduce you some tips for trips andNice view via heart in the doorhow to save the money. As I already told you, our country is really nice, full of beautiful nature, mountains, lakes and old towns with historical centers. Country is small but just on the maps. Trip by bus take ages and quality of road will let you remember each piece of the country site.  Of course you can travel by stop. It’s not a problem but you shouldn’t looks like gypsy’s toy.  The cheapest traveling is by walk, and the nicer places are on the top of our mountains. So let’s do a hiking.  The highest mountains and most expensive are High Tatras (Vysoke Tarty), then Low Tatras (Nizke Tatry) and soBreakfast is not includedon. I would recommend you Nizke Tatry as they are in the middle of country and from there you will be able to see Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic and that small under you, Slovakia. So pack all your two sox, underwear, some food from supermarket, rum and sleeping bag.  You don’t need more sox as in the few days they will be water resist which is feature and good. Under ware can be turn out every second day or in worst cases you can change it with your colleagues. To pass Nizke tatry trough will take you around 5-6Some of you will survive days, nights will be under sky or in the small wooden houses. Everything is for free.  The only dangerous which you can meet there including beers, wolfs, cats are gypsies. Be aware of them and don’t try to speak to them or feed them. Once they will notes, that you are not a local, they will follow you till you leave the Shangen zone. They know how to ask for money in 36 languages so here is better to learn some local words like “NO – NIE”, “I DON’T HAVE – NEMAM, NEDAM” “GO AWAY – VYPADNI” or something harder. On the trip you can look forward on nice panorama where you will see trees in front of you, behind of you, on the left site and you will not believe even on the right site. After this trip you will feel weak, dirty, hungry, angry, lost and happy to go home to your country where you will for rest of your life and save more money as you can imagine.

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